Hi All!

I was thinking that most people tend to have a Bucket List… Not expressly written down, but inherently dreamt of or about.  I mean, the idea of a list of things to do before I die sounds good, but also seems, well, morbid.  It’s like a countdown to death.  Plus, when life happens, that list goes to the backburner – indefinitely.

Can we go a little further? I would like to suggest another list – let’s call it a Life List. A life list details the events, experiences, desires, dreams, or goals a person would like to incorporate into their life. These are things that one thinks will make for a more exciting, purposed, and inspired life. And moreover, I would even venture to say it also brings life to others.

Ziplining in Cabo - Woo Hoo!!

A life list can also be a wake-up call or an “aha” moment.  It is that moment that we realize life is indeed short and tomorrow is definitely not promised.  It is that moment which calls us into the deeper more meaningful life that God wants for His children.

I think I have always had a life list per se. I can see how different things and events in my life are like snapshots of the big picture journey that I am pursuing currently.  Some great things happened, and some not so great.

I believe we must take every day as an opportunity and gift from God to responsibly step out into what is buried deep in our hearts.  We can try something new, do something different, or just step out of our comfort zone. This can be scary, but also very rewarding. So, be inspired and launch out into the deep…for that is where your treasure will be found!

Inspiration – It’s not really about being career-focused , it’s more about being LIFE-focused.

Success to You!