Fit, Fine, & Fabulous in Career, Business, and Life (Amazon Best Seller)Lifestyle and Travel Expert

The Career Break Traveler’s Handbook (Book series, October 2012)Featured Career Break Expert/Interview

Imported Chocolate Travel Blog (July 2012)Featured Imported Chocolate Traveler of the Moment

Huffington Post (April 2012)The Passport Party Project National Volunteer Week 

Project BE BOLD! (March 2012)Featured BOLD Story

Austin Culture Map (March 2012)The Passport Party Project

The Atlantic (February 2012) America at Work Photo Collection

Divine Caroline (February 2012) – “I Did It! I Quit My Job to Travel!”

Inspirational Woman Magazine (Jan. 2012)Featured Article & Photo: Bliss Retreat Tips

Inspired by Nature (Nov. 2011)Featured Travel Blogger

How to Take a Career Break to Travel (ebook) – Featured Expert

ParkRideFly (Nov. 2011) – Featured Travel Blogger

ESSENCE Magazine (Oct. 2011) – Featured 4th in “The 10 Principles of Power (online version) The 10 Principles of Power

Meet Plan Go! Austin –  Speaker/Panelist (Oct 2011)

Meet Plan Go! National EventSpeaker/Panelist Bio on National Site

The Passport Party Project (Sept. 2011)Destination: Passport

BootsnAll (Sept. 2011)  Why a Travel Break Can Be the Best Career Move You’ll Ever Make

Conde Nast (June 2011) – Quoted in Reader Comments

The Power of SlowClimbing the Great Wall to Freedom (Apr. 2011)

The Power of SlowRiding the Wave of Life (May, 2011)

Jay Travel (May 2011)Traveler Spotlight

Ft. Bend Lifestyles & Homes (May 2011)Angela Petitt Takes Trips of a Lifetime Across the World

Carnival Cruise Line“Didja ever see yourself on a billboard?” (May 2011)

Vagabonding Case Study (Jan. 2011)

The Houston Chronicle (Dec. 2010)Willowridge Grad Travels the World

Career Break Secrets (Nov. 2010)“Who’s out there now – Angela”

The Lost Girls  (Nov. 2010)Lost Girl of the Week

AOL Travel Cheesy Photo (June 2010) –  Featured 4th on the list of  “The Irresistable Cut-Out”

Desert Leaf Magazine (Apr. 2010): Sabbaticals: Not Just for Faculty Anymore

Females With A Mission (Feb. 19, 2010) – Blog Talk Radio Show “Relationship Roundtable”

WHS 2009 Wall of Honor AwardInductee and Ceremony Speaker and Speaker Bio

Your Sabbatical (Aug. 2009)It Will Be No Small Sabbatical for Angela Petitt

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